Fox Hill Approach

The Fox Hill Builders Approach

Quality, experience, timeliness and financial consideration are essential factors that go into any Fox Hill proposal. It is important to Fox Hill that homeowners be comfortable with their construction throughout the process. Therefore, in addition to Bob or Nick’s multiple weekly site visits, each project has its own site manager who is familiar with all aspects of the construction. Weekly field reports keep projects on schedule and on budget. An established network of reliable, informed craftsmen ensures that every facet of the ending structure resounds with superior workmanship. Fox Hill believes that because this is your home, the human connection is equally important. Fox Hill has a hard-earned reputation for working closely with clients to help them realize their vision – whether a new home or a renovation. This is why they have an outstanding repeat customer ratio. Arranging meetings to best meet homeowner schedules, providing prompt personal attention, and being available for callback long after projects are completed are all part of Fox Hill Builders’ commitment to its clients.